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Last Updated on 18 Aug. 2016, Total: 133 Articles and Tutorials

Learn about cloud solutions and concepts with these articles that show how to configure and manage your private, public and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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Latest Articles and Tutorials

  • Insider Attacks: A Cloudy Perspective 18 Aug. 2016 Deb Shinder

    Malicious insiders has always been a big concern for security professionals in the traditional on-premises data center setting, but with more and more organizations moving some or all of their applications and data to the cloud, the very concept of “insider attack” takes on a new and much-broadened perspective.

  • How to use Virtual Appliances in Azure 3 Aug. 2016 Deb Shinder

    When you put your resources into the cloud using Microsoft as a public cloud provider, your “network in the cloud” is an Azure virtual network (which Microsoft documentation refers to as a VNet).

  • How to Use Azure MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) 19 July 2016 Deb Shinder

    One of the big concerns for both small businesses and enterprises, when moving to the cloud, is security. We all know that the traditional username-and-password method of authenticating logons is woefully lacking in a world where resources available over the Internet are constantly under attack. If an attacker can steal, guess or socially engineer a user into voluntarily revealing a password, it’s relatively easy to access systems and services and put a company’s data and applications at risk.

  • BYOS: Bring Your Own Security 1 June 2016 Deb Shinder

    Love it or hate it, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) seems to be here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future.

  • Archiving Data to Amazon AWS (Part 8) 24 March 2016 Brien M. Posey

    This article concludes the series on archiving data to AWS by examining how you can test your gateway virtual machine.