Hybrid Cloud

Last Updated on 15 Jan. 2015, Total: 4 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Securing a Hybrid Cloud

    Organizations migrating to the hybrid cloud model sometimes struggle due to concerns surrounding compliance, privacy and security. Hybrid clouds can be better secured through best practices applied on-premise and in other clouds... Read More

  2. The case for Hybrid Clouds: Business and technology drivers and requirements

    For the overwhelming majority of businesses, it’s a question of “when” not “if” they will move their data to the cloud. Once a company has made the decision to migrate to the cloud, they must then determine which type of cloud deployment best suits their business and technology needs. ITIC survey data indicates that hybrid clouds will predominate and be... Read More

  3. Cloud bursting, disaster recovery and the hybrid cloud

    With Hybrid cloud the probable future deployment of choice. What does cloud bursting and disaster recovery mean for the Hybrid cloud. These two features are noted as two of the important cloud computing features. This article will look at cloud bursting, disaster recovery and management of these two key features within a hybrid cloud deployment model... Read More

  4. Cloud models that large enterprises will adopt by 2018

    No-one can predict the future of cloud computing however, there are strong trends starting to form. This article will cover various cloud models that companies are adopting and ultimately the ones that seem to be taking the lead because of flexibility integration and compatibility... Read More