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  1. Herding cats in the cloud (Part 5)

    In this, Part 5 (which is the final installment), we’re going to wrap up by talking a little about managing services that enable users to perform various tasks in the cloud, and finally we’ll take a look at how to best manage your users’ data that is stored in many different locations... Read More

  2. Herding cats in the cloud (Part 4)

    In this, Part 4 of this series, we’ll move on to another set of cats that must be herded by cloud admins: servers and client computers or devices – the physical hardware with which the users interface to access the software we have already discussed, along with smart phones, tablets and laptops that are used to access cloud resources from... Read More

  3. Herding cats in the cloud (Part 3)

    In this, Part 3, we’ll move on to the subject of the access controls that can be placed on individual users or groups to ensure that each has access only to those cloud resources needed to do his/her job and only the level of access that’s necessary... Read More

  4. Herding cats in the cloud (Part 2)

    In this, Part 2, we’ll talk more about the management of users and all that goes along with them, dive a little deeper into some of the issues that are involved and further develop our “cat-herding” strategy... Read More

  5. Herding cats in the cloud (Part 1)

    In this, Part 1 of our series on herding cats (i.e., managing and monitoring hardware/software, users, licenses, computers, services and data that exist in and/or connect to the cloud), we examine the need for managing and monitoring software in the cloud and the role of SAM... Read More