Last Updated on 18 Aug. 2016, Total: 19 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Insider Attacks: A Cloudy Perspective

    Malicious insiders has always been a big concern for security professionals in the traditional on-premises data center setting, but with more and more organizations moving some or all of their applications and data to the cloud, the very concept of “insider attack” takes on a new and much-broadened perspective... Read More

  2. How to Use Azure MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

    One of the big concerns for both small businesses and enterprises, when moving to the cloud, is security. We all know that the traditional username-and-password method of authenticating logons is woefully lacking in a world where resources available over the Internet are constantly under attack. If an attacker can steal, guess or socially engineer a user into voluntarily revealing a... Read More

  3. BYOS: Bring Your Own Security

    Love it or hate it, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) seems to be here to stay, at least for the foreseeable future... Read More

  4. IDaaS: The changing World of IAM

    In this article we consider how Identity and Access Management is changing through the emerging cloud-based alternative IDaaS... Read More

  5. Common Misunderstandings regarding Security and Cloud Compute

    Security is a concerning factor when computing in the cloud and rightfully so, however there are some misconceptions regarding security threats as well. In this article we will try to filter through the unfounded concerns, to help reduce misperceptions so that more focus can be placed on addressing cloud security threats that should be prioritised, ones that are actually real,... Read More

  6. Cloud Security Prospects for 2015

    In this article will consider the likely advancements we should see in cloud security through this year... Read More

  7. Cloud Security: You Can Never Stand Still

    Cloud security is not a new topic - but it’s one that remains both under the microscope and in the headlines. There’s good reason for that, given the proven risks of cyber attacks in and from the cloud... Read More

  8. Identity Crisis in the Cloud

    Identity management is a concept that has plagued organizations since the beginning of the computer age and especially as computers became connected through networks and those networks were connected to other networks through the grand mesh of the Internet. As the computing paradigm morphs again, to a cloud-based model, identity takes on even greater importance... Read More

  9. Keeping Cloud-based Data Safe from Prying Eyes

    Cloud storage is probably the purest example of the tension between convenience and security in modern computing. When you move your data to the cloud, you make it possible to access those files from anywhere. But that flexibility comes at a steep cost: Anyone who can sneak into that cloud server can access all your secrets, and you might never... Read More

  10. Considerations for Running Security Software in the Cloud

    One aspect of the transition to the cloud that is sometimes overlooked is that security software that you may take for granted could behave very differently in a cloud environment. As such, administrators must consider what impact the cloud will have on their security infrastructure... Read More