Last Updated on 18 Aug. 2016, Total: 19 Articles and Tutorials

  1. Making Cloud Storage Secure

    These are not the type of headlines that inspire confidence in cloud storage. They cause hesitation in adopting the cloud as a means of storing your organization’s data for disaster recovery, data protection or simply, archiving purposes and could, in fact, delay deployments of cloud storage... Read More

  2. DDoS Attacks Still Run Rampant Across the Web

    In a perfect world, network managers would never have to experience application performance problems or deal with security issues. However, today’s networking environments are anything but perfect – they are open to attack, traffic surges and a plethora of other problems. Yet, end users (and customers) demand perfect availability, perfect security and perfect performance... Read More

  3. Security-as-a-service, Cloud-Based on the Rise (Part 2)

    In this part of our series will look at the remaining services offered as part of SECaaS. We will also consider how enterprise will benefit from SECaaS adoption... Read More

  4. All Clouds are not Created Equal: The Personal Cloud in the Corporate World (Part 2)

    This article looks at the down side of “dual persona” or “containerization” solutions designed to create isolated environments for work and personal apps and data... Read More

  5. All Clouds are not Created Equal: The Personal Cloud in the Corporate World (Part 1)

    This article takes a look at how the personal cloud works in the corporate world... Read More

  6. Security-as-a-service, Cloud-Based on the Rise (Part 1)

    In the first part of the article series we introduce SECaaS and start to look at some of the key services offered through SECaaS offering, with focus on email security, Web gateway security, IAM and SIEM... Read More

  7. Managing Contractual Risk in Cloud Contracts (Part 2)

    In the previous article we covered SLA, and penalties and how customers should carefully structure these to match their requirements. In this second article in the series we will cover additional best practices that sometimes are overlooked or written into the contract by the supplier, to the service provider’s advantage... Read More

  8. Managing Contractual Risk in Cloud Contracts (Part 1)

    In this two part article we will look at contractual terms in cloud services contracts and issues for consideration, to reduce risk... Read More

  9. Securing the cloud in 2014

    Another year has passed but have fears of the securing the cloud lessened? In 2013 securing the cloud remained the top obstacle for cloud adoption however cloud has successfully immersed many industries and has gained the support of major tech giants, it’s no secret that the cloud is here to stay. In 2014 there will be a need for greater... Read More