Windows Azure

Last Updated on 3 Aug. 2016, Total: 24 Articles and Tutorials

Learn about Windows Azure with these articles that show how to configure and manage your Azure environment.

  1. How to use Virtual Appliances in Azure

    When you put your resources into the cloud using Microsoft as a public cloud provider, your “network in the cloud” is an Azure virtual network (which Microsoft documentation refers to as a VNet)... Read More

  2. Managing Azure VMs with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 (Part 3)

    This article concludes the series on using Virtual Machine Manager to manage Azure Virtual Machines by examining the management options that are available... Read More

  3. Cloud Storage Decision Making

    This article provides IT decision makers with guidance for using public cloud storage such as Microsoft Azure cloud storage services for your organization or business... Read More

  4. Managing Azure VMs with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 (Part 2)

    This article continues the discussion of using System Center Virtual Machine Manager to manage Azure virtual machines by showing you how to establish connectivity between Virtual Machine Manager and Microsoft Azure... Read More

  5. Managing Azure VMs with System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012 R2 (Part 1)

    This article describes what you can expect with regard to managing Azure virtual machines using System Center Virtual Machine Manager... Read More

  6. Configuring Internal Load Balancing in Microsoft Azure

    This article looks at how to configure an Azure Internal Load Balancer for two Azure virtual machines that are configured as web servers... Read More

  7. What’s New in Azure Feature Set

    In this article we'll look at how Microsoft is adding more features and functionality to its Azure services... Read More

  8. Controlling Network Traffic Distribution with Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager

    In this article the author will demonstrate how to provide high availability for a group of web servers which are running as Azure virtual machines in three different regions... Read More

  9. Gates Had Vision of Cloud Long Before Azure

    My first exposure to the term “cloud” came from the lips of Bill Gates, then the Chairman and Chief Software Architect of Microsoft, during an interview I conducted with him (as a CRN reporter) in LA in July of 2001 – roughly one decade before Microsoft Azure debuted... Read More

  10. 5 Things You May Not Know About Azure

    You may have noticed improvements to Microsoft Azure in just the past year, with significant new functionality appearing continuously. Because of this fast pace and the innovative nature of the advances in this cloud platform, you can easily miss some changes and why they’re important. With that in mind, here are five things that you may not know... Read More