Last Updated on 27 Aug. 2015, Total: 9 Products

  1. MetraTech

    MetraTech’s Cloud Blueprint is an out-of-the-box cloud billing and settlement module that makes it easy and fast to deploy infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS) or software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions in public, private or hybrid cloud environments. Fully customizable, our solution supports common cloud business models, including direct service provider, services reseller, services wholesaler, billing service provider and private cloud chargeback... Read More

  2. Talligent OpenBook

    Talligent OpenBook has been built specifically for a shared, multi-tenant VMware and OpenStack environment. Designed for easy deployment, intuitive set-up and use, unlimited scaling, and powerful security, OpenBook delivers. For cloud service providers, the OpenBook Billing Engine offers a sophisticated cloud billing platform, with granular rate plans for various personas of tenants and usage patterns. The OpenBook Billing Engine automates... Read More

  3. Teevity Cloud costs analytics

    Continuous cost monitoring and improvement of all of your Cloud bills under one Dashboard with a smart end-of-month forecast. Define classifications for your costs and allocate them to any cost center you define (teams, projects, activity type, country, ...)... Read More

  4. Amysta Billing

    Amysta Billing enables Cloud Service Providers (CSP) to deliver the necessary visibility into their Cloud IaaS usage patterns and revenues towards their Customers (e.g. End-Tenants and Resellers), and internal Departments (e.g. Sales / Marketing, Back-Office / Finance, and Operations / Engineering). Amysta automates Public Cloud's Lead-to-Cash process from enrollment to payment... Read More

  5. Ubersmith DE

    Ubersmith has a long history billing for online services. The earliest incarnation of the Ubersmith platform delivered one of the market's first recurring billing systems with a specific focus on products delivered by datacenters and infrastructure solutions providers. Ubersmith has worked to customize resource management tools for a number of public and private cloud deployments. Ubersmith provides fully automated billing... Read More

  6. IBM SmartCloud Cost Management

    IBM® SmartCloud Cost Management provides visibility into the usage and cost of your infrastructure and other non-IT resources. The software helps you track and assess shared computing resource usage accurately, and better manage the cost of your cloud and IT services. IBM SmartCloud Cost Management provides insight into virtualized and physical IT assets and provides user visibility into the cost... Read More

  7. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

    Metering and billing is one of the areas where Flexiant’s heritage as a hosting and service provider is evident. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator allows you to Granularly meter and bill your customers based on cloud consumption, Offer multiple metering and billing models, Integrate with your existing payment provider or CRM system, and Bill in multiple currencies to service international customers and... Read More

  8. Zuora's Platform

    Zuora's Platform provides a full commerce-as-a-service solution that lets developers plug in Commerce, Billing and Finance management services with just a few lines of code. Zuora's Platform is completely transparent. Everything you can do in the Zuora user interface you can do through the API. For instance, users have seamless access to all objects, such as customers and accounts, and... Read More

  9. Cloudability Pro

    Explore all of your AWS billing, usage and tagging data in one analytics tool to see what's being spent, who's spending it and where you could be spending less. Eliminate surprises in your cloud cost and usage with daily updates and advanced alerts that show you when things change and when you need to dig deeper... Read More