Cloud Service Providers

Last Updated on 1 Aug. 2016, Total: 16 Products

  1. Call One Cloud Solutions

    Call One is a next-generation communications technology company. Call One offers a variety of cloud solutions and services. Please contact Call One today to learn more... Read More

  2. XO Enterprise Cloud

    XO Enterprise Cloud is a enterprise-grade cloud computing service. Enterprise Cloud is delivered over a private and secure nationwide network environment. It is a Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) application and it is designed to provide higher levels of performance for customers with mission-critical and unique security requirements... Read More

  3. SherWeb Performance Cloud

    SherWeb's Performance Cloud Servers are up to 100% faster than similarly configured servers from other well-known providers. Access virtually unlimited resources without any upfront investments or commitment. Let our experts manage your infrastructure so that you can focus on your core business... Read More

  4. CloudSigma

    CloudSigma is an innovative Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider based in Zurich, Switzerland. CloudSigma was founded to meet the growing need for a pure IaaS that places little or no restrictions on how its users deploy their computing resources... Read More

  5. Verizon Cloud

    Verizon Cloud delivers performance and reliability with the efficiency and exceptional value for building your application. Hybrid Cloud Enabled (Extend Layer 2 Network to Cloud);Reserved Network Performance (Up to 500 Mbps);Reserved Storage Performance on All Disk and VM Types (Up to 5,000 IOPS); Support for Sharing Disks between Multiple VMs... Read More

  6. Cloud Services from Netrepid

    Description: Recognized as one of North America's top 100 MSP hosting service providers, Netrepid privately owns and operates an 8000-square foot, Tier 3-quality data center in Harrisburg, PA that is both HIPAA and PCI-compliant. Improve your internal processes and the overall technology experience of your organization by accelerating your technology to the cloud. Services include virtual desktops, virtual servers, hosted... Read More

  7. Linode

    Deploy a Linux virtual server in seconds from the Linode Cloud. Choose your resources, Linux distro, and node location right from the Manager. 6 Datacenters, 3 Regions - Easily scale your Linode to handle increases in traffic with just a few clicks. Resizing is as simple as logging in, clicking, and letting our system do the rest of the work... Read More

  8. DigitalOcean

    All cloud servers are built on powerful Hex Core machines with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage. All of our cloud servers are provisioned in 55 seconds - your machine is online and pinging fast. SSD hard drives will improve performance of your site dramatically, from faster disk i/o performance. All servers come with 1Gb/sec. network interface. Plans start... Read More

  9. SoftLayer

    SoftLayer, an IBM Company, lets you blur the lines between physical and virtual and move ideas into reality. SoftLayer is built to give you the highest performing cloud infrastructure available. One platform that takes data centers around the world that are full of the widest range of cloud computing options, and then integrates and automates everything, all through a private... Read More

  10. Acquia Cloud

    Acquia Cloud is a Drupal-tuned application lifecycle management suite with a complete infrastructure to support Drupal deployment workflow processes from development and staging through to production. Acquia Cloud includes powerful developer UIs, secure server access using SSH, and automated deployment from a version-controlled code repository. It runs on proven open-source technologies that we've selected, tested, and optimized for Drupal. Together... Read More