Last Updated on 2 Nov. 2015, Total: 14 Products

  1. Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform

    FUJITSU Cloud Integration Platform provides a comprehensive platform enabling the successful adoption and management of cloud within your Enterprise. The Fujitsu Cloud Integration Platform provides a “single pane of glass” to seamlessly manage and integrate existing ICT systems alongside these cloud services, whether they are from Fujitsu or other cloud providers. All in a simple, consistent and compliant way... Read More

  2. Appirio

    Appirio offers a comprehensive set of services to help enterprises integrate cloud and on-premise applications using both cloud APIs and middleware. As cloud adoption accelerates, integrating SaaS applications with existing on-premise applications or other cloud applications is emerging as a huge concern. Enterprises use a myriad of approaches from point-to-point integrations using custom code, to hub-and-spoke integrations, to real-time integrations... Read More

  3. EMC Hybrid Cloud

    EMC Hybrid Cloud is the truly integrated cloud solution. You’re empowered to quickly provision business apps and IT resources developed both inside and outside of your organization. Automate delivery of the applications and capabilities your users and your business demands. Having an "as-a-service" delivery framework as a foundation for your hybrid cloud can be achieved using best-in-class components from EMC... Read More

  4. Informatica Cloud

    Every company is using the Cloud in some form today, with many companies embracing the hybrid IT model and running applications both in the Cloud and on premise. Informatica Cloud ensures that your applications remain integrated and that information continues to flow smoothly and securely. No matter which of your Cloud or on-premise applications need to communicate, Informatica has the... Read More

  5. Dell Boomi AtomSphere

    Dell Boomi AtomSphere allows you to connect any combination of Cloud, SaaS, or On-Premise applications with no appliances, no software, and no coding. Subscribe to AtomSphere and gain access to an ever-growing network of interoperable SaaS, PaaS, cloud, and on-premise applications. In addition to offering community-powered Boomi Suggest to suggest common data mappings, AtomSphere® simplifies complex web services technology such... Read More

  6. ASG CloudFactory

    ASG CloudFactory sets the bar for modern enterprise IT by intelligently combining legacy environments that have grown inside the corporate data center with today’s private and public cloud concepts and services. ASG CloudFactory – installed on-premise, or hosted by ASG or leading cloud service providers – solves Enterprise challenges by assisting today’s CIOs in transitioning enterprise IT into a service... Read More

  7. Silver Peak Unity

    Silver Peak Unity is a groundbreaking intelligent wide area network (WAN) fabric that unifies the enterprise network with the Internet and public cloud. Unlike traditional WAN optimization solutions, Unity correlates information about cloud services and Internet “weather” to intelligently route traffic over a secure, optimal path. By keeping SaaS and IaaS traffic on the Unity fabric, IT gains an ability... Read More

  8. VMTurbo Operations Manager

    VMTurbo Operations Manager Cloud Edition extends VMTurbo to Private Clouds and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers, by integrating with common cloud management platforms (CMPs) such as vCloud Director, CloudStack and System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) – to control provider and tenant cloud resource allocations... Read More

  9. DBSync Integration Platform

    DBSync integration platform provides all essential components to jump-start your integration project. Jump start your Enterprise Cloud Application integration with other on-demand or on-premise apps, databases and more... Read More

  10. SnapLogic Integration Cloud

    The SnapLogic Integration Cloud is an Elastic Integration platform as a service (iPaaS). It is built on modern web standards and uses “containerized” Snaps that allow you to easily connect any combination of cloud and on-premise applications and data sources. SnapLogic’s scale-out Elastic Integration architecture enables all styles of cloud to cloud and cloud to ground application and data integration... Read More