Last Updated on 1 Aug. 2016, Total: 13 Products

  1. vCommander

    Embotics® vCommander™ is an award-winning Cloud Management Platform(CMP) that enables Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) automation by integrating seamlessly with your private, public and hybrid clouds. vCommander supports inventory management, workflow automation, chargeback and IT costing, capacity management and a multi-tenant self-service experience. Everything is integrated in a single, easy-to-use solution... Read More

  2. AVMD

    AVMD - Azure Virtual Machine Deployer SmiKar software created the AVMD (Azure Virtual Machine Deployer) tool originally to assist themselves during the deployment of virtual machines within Microsoft's Azure Cloud Environment and found it such an easy tool to use, that we are offering it for free to everyone. This tool takes away the majority of manual tasks required to... Read More

  3. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management

    Column Technologies is a BMC Elite Partner with proven ability to deploy robust Cloud Lifecycle Management projects. BMC Software offers Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) to help mitigate cloud delivery challenges. The BMC CLM platform helps you deliver on the promise of cloud, achieving agility, efficiency, and cost savings. This solution brings together the benefits of traditional IT management with the... Read More

  4. LogicNow ControlNow

    IT security and management doesn’t need to be complicated, costly and time-consuming. With ControlNow, businesses and resellers can benefit from a comprehensive, cloud-based platform. Protecting entire IT environments – and the workforce depending on them – at any time, from anywhere has never been easier. It’s time to take control of IT management. ControlNow is a comprehensive, hosted management and... Read More

  5. VMTurbo Operations Manager

    VMTurbo Operations Manager Enterprise Edition brings unprecedented levels of control to virtual infrastructures. It is the right choice for on-premise datacenters without multi-tenancy or cloud architecture requirements. Enterprise Edition supports all major hypervisors and management suites, and supports hybrid configurations: VMware: vSphere. Microsoft: Hyper-V. Citrix: XenServer. RedHat: RHEV... Read More

  6. Chef

    Chef turns infrastructure into code. With Chef, you can automate how you build, deploy, and manage your infrastructure. Your infrastructure becomes as versionable, testable, and repeatable as application code. Chef relies on reusable definitions known as recipes to automate infrastructure tasks. Examples of recipes are instructions for configuring web servers, databases and load balancers. Together, recipes describe what your infrastructure... Read More

  7. LabTech RMM Platform

    The LabTech remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform is the RMM platform of choice for managed service providers (MSPs) and IT service providers worldwide. Designed to extend and automate your IT services further than ever, LabTech will empower you to improve IT process automation, enhance visibility and automation around IT services, increase your level of service quality and achieve IT... Read More

  8. CA Cloud Service Management

    CA Cloud Service Management is an innovative Service Management solution architected to speed and streamline your service desk operations while reducing complex and repetitive tasks. It delivers comprehensive automation capabilities to help reduce manual, tedious tasks. Code-free configuration helps simplify your IT service management processes, workflow and integration—and save you time... Read More

  9. IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator

    IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator provides an open and extensible cloud management platform for managing heterogeneous hybrid environments. The software integrates provisioning, metering, usage and accounting as well as monitoring and capacity management of cloud services. SmartCloud Orchestrator provides Standardization and automation of cloud services through a flexible orchestration engine and a self-service portal. Reusable workload patterns to enable dynamic cloud service... Read More

  10. NetIQ Cloud Manager

    NetIQ Cloud Manager delivers a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) experience for both IT consumers and IT providers, with a focus on end-to-end business service delivery. It gives IT service providers, as well as business and technical users, a single product to build, manage, and consume cloud computing resources... Read More

  11. Puppet Enterprise

    Puppet Enterprise is IT automation software that gives system administrators the power to easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy critical applications, and proactively manage infrastructure, on-premises or in the cloud. Puppet Enterprise automates tasks at any stage of the IT infrastructure lifecycle, including: discovery, provisioning, OS & app configuration management, orchestration, and reporting... Read More

  12. Dell Multi-Cloud Manager

    Dell Multi-Cloud Manager enables automation through auto-provisioning, auto-scaling, automated backups, recovery, cross-cloud bursting and more. It provides a single model for orchestrating applications across clouds using the tools you prefer. Dell Multi-Cloud Manager meets the automation demands of enterprise applications by providing a single model to describe the application architecture and the policies that maintain how the application responds to... Read More

  13. RightScale Enterprise Cloud Management

    RightScale is a comprehensive cloud management solution for resource management, automated provisioning and configuration, and governance across your cloud infrastructure. RightScale Cloud Management includes provisioning, monitoring, auto-scaling, and governance features that extend Chef configuration management and provide a single Dashboard and API to control your cloud infrastructure... Read More