Last Updated on 29 July 2014, Total: 4 Products

  1. F5 Cloud Migration

    The F5 Cloud Migration solution automates and orchestrates the deployment of application delivery services across both traditional and cloud infrastructures. Whether an organization is adopting a public, private, or hybrid cloud, F5 simplifies the optimization of business applications, ensuring that they’re fast, secure, and available—wherever they are... Read More

  2. Racemi Cloud Path

    With Racemi Cloud Path, you can automatically move your existing server application workloads to a variety of supported public clouds or even between cloud providers. There’s no need to rebuild from scratch or use templates since Cloud Path’s automated cloud migration process moves the entire server “stack” – operating system, applications, network, and storage configuration – for you... Read More

  3. Cristie Software CloneManager

    Cristie Software CloneManager is a non-disruptive, fast and reliable software program for performing system migrations. CloneManager's benefits are tailored toward cloud and managed services providers who wish to on-board their customers’ machines from their existing data centres. Our offering is well suited to Multi-Cloud and Multi-Service providers, as it establishes a unified solution for all physical, virtual and cloud migrations... Read More

  4. TransVault Sprint

    TransVault Sprint is a next-generation migration tool designed to reduce the costs and the complexity of migrating your legacy email archives from Symantec Enterprise Vault into the cloud. Sprint's dashboard automates virtually all the migration process: just enter your archive and cloud connection credentials, decide whose archives you want to move, tick the selection criteria you need to apply, and... Read More