Last Updated on 1 Aug. 2016, Total: 14 Products

  1. CrowdStrike Falcon

    CrowdStrike Falcon is a SaaS endpoint protection solution. Falcon gives you the ability to detect, prevent, monitor and search attacks as they occur. Flacon can even detect malware-free attacks. Falcon combines cutting-edge technology with adversary intelligence to keep adversaries off of your endpoints and out of your network. Please visit CrowdStrike's website to learn more... Read More

  2. Symantec Identity Access Manager

    In the cloud, where a traditional enterprise perimeter doesn't exist, Symantec Identity Access Manager fills the gap. A next-generation access control platform that integrates Single Sign-On (SSO) with strong authentication, access control and user management, Symantec Identity Access Manager offers users and administrators control, convenience and compliance for Web- and cloud-based applications. Helps organizations manage risk while taking advantage of... Read More

  3. ReversingLabs A1000 Malware Analysis Platform

    The ReversingLabs A1000 malware analysis platforms provide integrated, plug-and-play solutions that make threat detection and analysis more effective and productive. These solutions are offered as on-premises appliances or cloud-based services. A Web-based GUI and an API enable analysts to input suspected samples, access unpacked files and view extracted Proactive Threat Indicators. The A1000 also calculates each file’s Threat Level to... Read More

  4. Alert Logic Log Manager

    Alert Logic Log Manager provides comprehensive log management across all of your IT environments within a single pane-of-glass view. The integrated security solution runs natively on Windows Azure and onsite, eliminating the need for separate log management tools for different IT environments. Security wherever IT goes meets infrastructure wherever IT resides... Read More

  5. LogicNow ControlNow

    Protect and manage web usage, block malicious websites and control bandwidth usage centrally. Keep your company safe from security breaches, legal liability and costly virus clean-ups by blocking malicious websites and receiving alerts about bandwidth consumption. Video chats, streaming media and continual content downloads increase the drain on company bandwidth. If done in excess, these bandwidth-hogging actions can bring business... Read More

  6. Systancia IPdiva Care

    Do not allow access to your vital resources be without surveillance! With IPdiva Care, you are informed about all actions that are carried out on critical servers within your infrastructure. This traceability is enhanced by the capture and recording of any intervention and is visually rendered in a format such as video. You can then replay all or part of... Read More

  7. Systancia IPdiva Secure

    Secure the access to your IT systems easily and efficiently with IPdiva Secure! IPdiva Secure enables the protection, control and traceability of all external access to IT system resources: Secure and monitored synchronisation to and from smartphones / mobiles (ActiveSync mode), secure application and system access (VPN SSL portal mode), secure Intranet access (Reverse Proxy mode). IPdiva Secure optimises deployment... Read More

  8. Hytrust CloudControl

    A control point that adds critical authentication, authorization and auditing for administrators of virtual infrastructure. CloudControl simplifies compliance and provides control and visibility into private clouds. Hytrust CloudControl is a virtual appliance that sits between administrators and VMware vSphere, adding critical access controls, visibility and secure multi-tenancy to your virtual infrastructure... Read More

  9. Seculert

    Seculert is a pure cloud solution that combines several core technologies in order to study, profile, detect and block malware. Since advanced malware is persistent, networked, and constantly evolving, a new approach is needed in order to stop it. Seculert fully leverages the power of the cloud to keep up with the constantly-changing threat landscape and provides enterprises with a... Read More

  10. FortyCloud Security as a Service

    All network and access security needs are bundled together and delivered conveniently as-a-service. See who is accessing your cloud VMs in real time, the network connectivity status and the latest system events. Update security policies in just a few clicks. Build a secure perimeter around your cloud deployment. FortyCloud solution is 100% software-based and will scale according to your business... Read More