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Last Updated on 31 July 2014, Total: 37 White Papers

Search our comprehensive list of White Papers from the major vendors of Cloud Computing covering a wide range of topics.

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  1. Security, Privacy, and Compliance in Microsoft Azure

    The adoption of cloud services worldwide continues to accelerate, yet many organizations are wary of trusting a third party with their data, applications, and infrastructure. Microsoft Azure helps customers achieve the economic benefits of cloud services while furthering security and compliance... Read More

  2. Designing an Application Centric Network for the $1.9 Trillion Internet of Things Economy

    From healthcare to automotive and manufacturing to consumer electronics, the Internet of Things is a quantum revolution in how we think about application data connectivity. Make sure your network is ready for the application onslaught of the $1.9 trillion Internet of Things economy... Read More

  3. Security and high availability in cloud computing environments

    In this paper we will focus on the IaaS cloud computing models... Read More

  4. Build a highly affordable and scalable private cloud

    A secure cloud for data enables enterprises to improve service to their customers... Read More

  5. Strategies for assessing cloud security

    Cloud computing can simultaneously support core business functions and provide capacity for new and innovative services... Read More

  6. Defending against increasingly sophisticated DDoS attacks

    This white paper examines the current threat landscape related to DDoS attacks and introduces a strategic approach that uses five critical components—preparation, mitigation, around-the-clock monitoring, response and intelligence—to help you more successfully address both present and future DDoS attacks... Read More

  7. Cloud computing for automotive

    Take advantage of cloud benefits to simplify business processes and reduce costs... Read More

  8. Performance Implications of Cloud Computing

    This paper provides an overview of cloud computing and its potential benefits from both an IT and Business perspective, discusses the different cloud computing deployment models and introduces the different roles involved in delivering Cloud Solutions... Read More

  9. Cloud billing: The missing link for cloud providers

    Many cloud items need to be sorted out to fully meet the promise of cloud computing. Flexibility in billing is one of them. Ignoring this aspect will mean that the cloud provider doesn’t reflect its true costs in the customer model, which in turn is likely to either impact the provider’s competitiveness through overcharging or its survival through undercharging... Read More

  10. Are You Ready to Compete Against the Public Cloud?

    One of the stark realities of public cloud computing is that it offers an alternative to internal IT. Companies no longer need to wait for the IT department to provision hardware, software, and application resources. They can subscribe to and initiate cloud services from public providers such as Amazon almost instantly, whether it's to stand up a temporary Dev/Test instance... Read More